Every gambler wants to hit the jackpot, playing slots, but it’s difficult to succeed, if there’s not enough knowledge about special strategies of how to win Pokies. And this point becomes of immediate interest, when it’s about Australian gamblers, who are the most hazardous guys in the world, if to consider the statistics and different calculations, which were made on this Green Continent. There are some general recommendations and special guidelines, which are better to be used, if the intentions to win are serious, and it’s not just a matter of playing to relax and to get some fun.

The basic recommendations about how to win Pokies

There are some “rules”, which are mistakenly treated as not serious ones, but every, even a small detail can push gamblers closer to a final win. So, the main aspects to be considered are listed below.

  • Correct choice of paylines. Every gambler should choose Pokies with paylines, according to a personal budget. It can sound strange, but here’s an example of how this matter can assert influence on the success. Many slots give the biggest jackpot only if the highest bet with maximal paylines is made. And if a specific game has 25 paylines (as an example), the total bet will be very high. That’s why it’s better to choose slots with 5 paylines, e.g. to minimize possible charges, but to increase chances to get the highest win.
  • Deciding between a value of the coin and number of coins. This is a good tip about how to win Pokies. There’s a difference between four 1 dollar bet and one 4 dollar bet. In spite of the amount is the same, the results can be absolutely different. Many Pokies give more multipliers for more coins, but not for the total amount of the bet.
  • Pay attention to RTP rate. RTP is a marker that shows how many winning chances can give this or that slot. This information can be found on official reviews. And it’s better to choose Pokies with 96 % or higher.

The mentioned recommendations will help to make the first step in the world of gambling, and it won’t be in vain if to follow them.

How to win Pokies Australia – the most popular strategies

There are some special strategies exist, which allow winning in Pokies. The most frequently used of them are described below.

  • Tradition-bound methods. This strategy is the most relevant for beginners, as the bets are usually very small that allows immersing into the atmosphere of gaming process.
  • Aggressive strategy. This variant is very popular amongst both: beginners and advanced players. It depends on the size of bankroll. The bets are usually very high that make an opportunity to get jackpots higher.
  • Martingale system. The essence of the strategy is to double a bet after every loss, and to remain it the same after every win.
  • One bet for every day. This strategy is not for very hazardous gamblers, as it’s necessary to make not more, than just one bet on every slot daily. And it’s better to choose Progressive jackpots variants.

A gambler can use any of described options, depending on personal desires and possibility, but nobody can “close” other variants for this or that player.

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